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Maintenance Works

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Product Description

Do you have CNC machines, Tractors, Generators or any kind of machine that needs routine maintenance? If you would like to manage routine maintenance with ease, try our brand new program Maintenance Works.  This program was designed for people who want to track maintenance and receive reminders to do routine maintenance on any sort of machine. This program is incredibly easy to use.  All you have to do is install it and it will begin running in the background. As you add tasks and set reminder intervals, it will remind you so you never forget to change the oil or grease bearings or any other important task.  Try it today!


Key Features:

  1. Reports can be stored on any computer in your local network for easy access.
  2. Report header text can be modified on each report to customize the check list user sees when completing a task.
  3. Each task can have a separate report or many tasks on one report.
  4. Override scheduled task in case maintenance needs to be done sooner than expected.
  5. Local report viewer so you can see exactly what was completed in previous maintenance.